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Givan May 01, 2023


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VvvebJs is a jQuery and Bootstrap-based no-code website builder that allows users to drag and drop Bootstrap components. The Apache Licence 2.0 is used.

VvvebJs no-code website builder features

  • Components and blocks/snippets drag and drop and in page insert.
  • Undo/Redo operations.
  • One or two panels interface.
  • File manager and component hierarchy navigation.
  • Add new page modal with template and folder options.
  • Live code editor with codemirror plugin syntax highlighting.
  • Image upload with example php script included.
  • Page download or export html or save page on server with example php script included.
  • Components/Sections/Blocks list search.
  • Bootstrap components.
  • Media gallery with integrated CC0 image search and server upload support.
  • Image, video and iframe elements resize handles.
  • Elements breadcrumb for easier parent elements selection.
  • Full Google fonts list support for font selection.
  • Youtube, Google maps, Charts.js etc widgets.
  • Optional CKEditor plugin to replace builtin text editor.
  • Zip download plugin to download the page and all assets as zip file.
  • SVG Icon component bundled with hundreds of free icons.
  • Animate on scroll support for page elements.
  • Theme global typography and color pallette editor.

By default the editor comes with Bootstrap 5 and Widgets components and can be extended with any kind of components and inputs.


In your HTML page, include the required jQuery libraries and Bootstrap framework. In this example I'm loading Bootstrap 5 components





Initialize the no-code website builder in a script tag in the body.

let pages = [
    name: "header-hero", 
    title: "Hero", 
    url: "demo/header-hero/index.html", 
    file: "demo/header-hero/index.html"
    name: "landing-page", 
    title: "Landing page", 
    url: "demo/landing/index.html", 
    file: "demo/landing/index.html"
$(function() {

    let firstPage = Object.keys(pages)[0];
    Vvveb.Builder.init(pages[firstPage]["url"], function() {
        //load code after page is loaded here


    //if url has #no-right-panel set one panel demo
    if (window.location.hash.indexOf("no-right-panel") != -1) {

Override the default CSS variables in the scss/editor.scss and scss/_builder.scss

// Variables

// Variables should follow the `$component-state-property-size` formula for
// consistent naming. Ex: $nav-link-disabled-color and $modal-content-box-shadow-xs.

// Color system

// stylelint-disable

$white:    #fff !default;
$gray-100: #f8f9fa !default;
$gray-200: #e9ecef !default;
$gray-300: #dee2e6 !default;
$gray-400: #ced4da !default;
$gray-500: #adb5bd !default;
$gray-600: #868e96 !default;
$gray-700: #495057 !default;
$gray-800: #343a40 !default;
$gray-900: #212529 !default;
$black:    #000 !default;


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