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Wolfgang March 04, 2023


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Emoji Picker is a free jQuery plugin text input fields. The following is a list of the best places to find it. This Plugin is a great way to add a fun and engaging feature to your web applications. This plugin offers a simple interface for browsing and selecting emojis, as well as the ability to search for specific emojis by keyword or category.

Whether you're creating a social media platform or a chat app, the Emoji Picker text field plugin is well worth considering. Users will appreciate the ease with which they can add emojis to their text, and it can help to make your web pages more engaging and playful.

OneSignal/emoji-picker and diy/jquery-emojiarea inspired this library. It has been rewritten from the ground up with ease of use for developers in mind.


    npm i --save jquery.emojiarea.js



Your HTML Body

Emoji Picker implementation

$(function() {
 // Initializes and creates emoji set from sprite sheet
  window.emojiPicker = new EmojiPicker({
    emojiable_selector: '[data-emojiable=true]',
    assetsPath: './lib/img/',
    ButtonClasses: 'fa-solid fa-face-smile-wink', // font awesome icon
  // Finds all elements with `emojiable_selector` and converts them to rich emoji input fields
  // You may want to delay this step if you have dynamically created input fields that appear later in the loading process
  // It can be called as many times as necessary; previously converted input fields will not be converted again


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