Free Online Diploma Course in Digital Forensic Investigation

Adams Academy July 04, 2022


Have you or someone close to you been the victim of a computer attack? Were you able to prevent the problem from happening again?

This beginner and intermediate course cover the techniques and resources you will need to use in forensic investigations.

You will learn about forensic investigations, including data collection, malware analysis and network forensics.

This knowledge will give you an advantage when applying for jobs.

Get started in digital forensics with this free online course. Learn everything you need to know about digital forensics from start to finish.

Course Details

Today, nearly 5 billion people use the internet and the increase in cybercrime has led to the need for computer forensic experts, especially for businesses and government agencies. We have designed this course for beginners who want to learn how to investigate crimes using digital forensics tools. The course is offered by Adams Academy, an online education company run by technology experts and expert teachers.

We will begin with a look at computer forensics and examine the procedures for conducting investigations. You will look at the characteristics of computer data and learn how to use it to search for and capture information. We will then explain the functionalities of computers, different boot processes and collection procedures for these operating systems. After discussing anti-forensics, we will discuss the most common techniques for attacking computers and the countermeasures you can take to protect your computer system from these attacks.

In the last section, we will discuss some useful forensic tools for Windows OS. Learn how to capture volatile and non-volatile data and where to find the evidence. We will discuss Linux, Mac and Windows forensic tools and procedures so you have a good understanding of the concepts. Finally, you will learn how to analyse malware, database forensics, and network and email forensics. With the right tools and knowledge gained in this course, you will be able to investigate future cyber-attacks.


Basic chapters

  • Basics of forensic investigation
  • Basics of computer forensics
  • The investigation process
  • Hard discs and file systems
  • Data Acquisition and Anti-Forensics
  • Summary on Fundamentals of Forensic Investigation

Intermediate Chapters

  • Data and Forensics
  • Malware and Analysis
  • Database Forensics
  • Network and Email Forensics
  • Summary on Forensic Investigation - Intermediate


  • Course Evaluation

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • List the general procedures for conducting a digital forensic investigation
  • Explain the benefits of computer forensics to an organisation
  • Discuss the categories of cybercrime
  • List the types of challenges that may be encountered when investigating cybercrime
  • Explain how to collect volatile and non-volatile data
  • Identify the forensic tools used for Windows, Linux and Macintosh


6 to 10 Hours


To pass this Diploma Course, you must achieve at least 80% in each assessment. On completion of the Diploma Course, you can receive an official certificate to share your knowledge with others.

Your Diploma is:

  • It's ideal to share with potential employers - add it to one of your professional social media profiles and/or your CV.
  • A sign of your commitment to constantly learn, develop and achieve high results
  • A reason why you should continue learning throughout your life

Offering three types of diploma for completed diploma courses:

Digital Diploma:
A downloadable diploma in PDF format that is available to you immediately after purchase.
A physical copy of your officially branded and securely marked diploma sent to you free of charge.
Framed Diploma:
A physical version of your official diploma sent to you free of shipping costs.

Enroll now and start learning.


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