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Eonasdan January 11, 2023


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Tempus Dominus is a powerful, fully customizable and lightweight date/time picker for Vanilla JavaScript and jQuery. It is a zero dependency replacement for the native HTML5 date & time input type.

Plugin Features

  • 5 view modes: 'clock' | 'calendar' | 'months' | 'years' | 'decades'
  • Allows to enable/disable dates.
  • Allows date range selection.
  • Multilingual(de, en, es, it, nl, ro, ru) and automatic language detection.
  • Allows to disabled days of the week.
  • Allows to select multiple dates.
  • Smart positioning (requires popperjs library).
  • Removed jQuery and Moment.js dependencies.

Plugin Implementation

Load the required libraries in your HTML.

Add an input field to your HTML

Initialise the Javascript or jQuery

// Vanilla JS
new tempusDominus.TempusDominus(document.getElementById('example'), {
    // options here

// jQuery
  // options here

All Default options

const linkedPicker1Element = document.getElementById("linkedPickers1");
new tempusDominus.TempusDominus(document.getElementById("example"), {
    // enable/disable dates & times
    restrictions: {
        minDate: undefined,
        maxDate: undefined,
        disabledDates: [],
        enabledDates: [],
        daysOfWeekDisabled: [],
        disabledTimeIntervals: [],
        disabledHours: [],
        enabledHours: [],

    // display options
    display: {
        icons: {
            // "icons" or "sprites"
            type: "icons",
            time: "fa-solid fa-clock",
            date: "fa-solid fa-calendar",
            up: "fa-solid fa-arrow-up",
            down: "fa-solid fa-arrow-down",
            previous: "fa-solid fa-chevron-left",
            next: "fa-solid fa-chevron-right",
            today: "fa-solid fa-calendar-check",
            clear: "fa-solid fa-trash",
            close: "fa-solid fa-xmark",
        // display the date and time pickers side by side
        sideBySide: false,
        // display an additional column with the calendar week for that week
        calendarWeeks: false,
        // 'clock' | 'calendar' | 'months' | 'years' | 'decades'
        viewMode: "calendar",
        // 'top' | 'bottom'
        toolbarPlacement: "bottom",
        keepOpen: false,
        // enable/disable buttons
        buttons: {
            today: false,
            clear: false,
            close: false,
        // enable/disable components
        components: {
            calendar: true,
            date: true,
            month: true,
            year: true,
            decades: true,
            clock: true,
            hours: true,
            minutes: true,
            seconds: false,
            useTwentyfourHour: false,
        // inline mode
        inline: false,

    // control how much the minutes are changed by
    stepping: 1,

    // use the current date/time
    useCurrent: true,

    defaultDate: undefined,

    localization: {
        today: "Go to today",
        clear: "Clear selection",
        close: "Close the picker",
        selectMonth: "Select Month",
        previousMonth: "Previous Month",
        nextMonth: "Next Month",
        selectYear: "Select Year",
        previousYear: "Previous Year",
        nextYear: "Next Year",
        selectDecade: "Select Decade",
        previousDecade: "Previous Decade",
        nextDecade: "Next Decade",
        previousCentury: "Previous Century",
        nextCentury: "Next Century",
        pickHour: "Pick Hour",
        incrementHour: "Increment Hour",
        decrementHour: "Decrement Hour",
        pickMinute: "Pick Minute",
        incrementMinute: "Increment Minute",
        decrementMinute: "Decrement Minute",
        pickSecond: "Pick Second",
        incrementSecond: "Increment Second",
        decrementSecond: "Decrement Second",
        toggleMeridiem: "Toggle Meridiem",
        selectTime: "Select Time",
        selectDate: "Select Date",
        dayViewHeaderFormat: { month: "long", year: "2-digit" },
        locale: "default",
        // 0 = Sunday, 6 = Saturday
        startOfTheWeek: 0,

    keepInvalid: false,

    debug: false,

    // show the date picker on focus
    allowInputToggle: false,

    viewDate: new DateTime(),

    multipleDates: false,

    multipleDatesSeparator: "; ",

    promptTimeOnDateChange: false,

    promptTimeOnDateChangeTransitionDelay: 200,

    // provide developers a place to store extra information about the picker
    meta: {},

    // change the target container
    container: undefined,

    // enable date range selection
    dateRange: false,

    // custom separator for multiple dates
    multipleDatesSeparator: "; ",

    // placemenet
    placement: "bottom",

API methods

const myPicker = new tempusDominus.TempusDominus(document.getElementById('example'), {
      // ...

// return the current date

// return a DateTime object

// return the picked date

// return the last picked date

// return the last picked index

// add a DateTime

// set the date index
myPicker.dates.setValue(value: DateTime, index?: number);

// convert a DateTime object to a string
myPicker.dates.formatInput(value: DateTime);

// convert a string into a DateTime object
myPicker.dates.setFromInput(value: any, index?: number);

// return true if the target date is part of the selected dates array
myPicker.dates.isPicked(DateTime, Unit?);

// return the index at which target date is in the array
myPicker.dates.pickedIndex(DateTime, Unit?);

// clear all picked dates
// OR

// toggle the date picker

// show the date picker;

// hide the date picker

// add/remove CSS classes
myPicker.paint(Unit | 'decade', DateTime, string[], HTMLElement);

// enable the date input

// disable the date input

// toggle the date input

// destroy the date picker

// update options
myPicker.updateOptions(object, boolean?);


const myPicker = new tempusDominus.TempusDominus(document.getElementById("example"), {
    // ...

const subscription = picker.subscribe(, (e) => {
    // on change

const subscription = picker.subscribe(, (e) => {
    // on show

const subscription = picker.subscribe(, (e) => {
    // on hide

const subscription = picker.subscribe(, (e) => {
    // on update

const subscription = picker.subscribe(, (e) => {
    // on error

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