Tiny JavaScript Game Engine

Frank Force March 18, 2023


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LittleJS is a lightweight 2D JavaScript game engine with fast WebGL rendering. It was designed to be small, simple, and easy to use for various applications, from game jams to commercial releases.


  • Very small footprint with no dependencies
  • Can update and render 10,000+ objects at 60fps, often many times more
  • Object oriented system with fast 2D physics and collision handling for axis aligned boxes
  • Positional audio effects with zzfx and music with zzfxm, mp3s, or wavs
  • Input processing system with keyboard, mouse, gamepad, and touch support
  • Particle effects system (particle editor/designer in progress)
  • Medal system tracks and displays achievements with Newgrounds and OS13k integration
  • Several easy to understand example projects you can build on
  • Debug tools and debug rendering system
  • Full documentation automatically generated from the source code block tags with JSDoc
  • Build system automatically combines everything, minifies, and removes unused code
  • For size coding competitions like js13kGames, starter project builds to a 7KB zip file
  • Easily build a Windows executable with Electron for distribution on platforms like Steam
  • Open Source with the MIT license so it can be used for anything you want

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